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Aerosol spraying of artificial cloud cover in Sacramento County, CA 11/19/15. Some of these clouds seem to drip, as shown in the background photo on this page

First reported in 1998, jet-dispersed gases appear to be filling the sky with artificial clouds throughout the United States and beyond. Dubbed "chemtrails" by observers, the gases are thought to be a brew of aluminum and other metal oxides harmful to the environment and human health. While the U.S. Air Force says chemtrails are a "hoax", geoengineers contend that the spraying technology exists and that artificial clouds will reduce global warming. But some worry about its present-day impact on the atmosphere:

"The most serious problem with this scheme may be the effect of the aerosols on atmospheric chemistry. The Antarctic ozone hole has clearly demonstrated the complexity of chemical dynamics in the stratosphere and the resulting susceptibility of ozone concentrations to aerosols...

Depending on the size of particles used, the aerosol layer might cause significant whitening of the daytime sky. Such whitening is one of the classic valuation problems posed by geoengineering: How much is a blue sky worth?"

Professor David Keith, Harvard University, 1998

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This free website provides information, links, videos and other resources to help you learn more about chemtrails and geoengineering, and how you can take steps to minimize your exposure to toxic aluminum oxide. Use the menu on the upper left side to learn more...

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